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      With an ever growing range of designs to chose from, our vinyl is a perfect way to enhance any home! We design, print and pack all our vinyl in house, allowing us to offer a quick and personal service.

      If you have a larger project in mind please get in touch to discuss your requirements, we can produce bespoke vinyls 1.2m wide by 10+ metres in length.


      The beauty about using vinyl is it's very versatile and pretty much suitable anywhere, we currently offer a Smooth Removable for most applications (not floor) which is easily positionable, Smooth Permanent and Matt Linen Effect.

      Smooth Removable Vinyl
      Smooth Matt Finish which is really easy to apply and remove.
      Perfect for - but not exclusive to the flowing areas:-
      Furniture - Kitchen - Walls - Wall tiles

      Smooth Permanent Vinyl
      Smooth Matt Finish which is really easy to apply but tough with a permanent adhesive for those longer lasting projects.
      Perfect for indoor and outdoor use even vehicles:-
      Furniture - Kitchen - Walls - Wall tiles

      Matt Linen Effect Vinyl
      Very Matt finish with a linen look and feel which is repositionable.
      Perfect for walls or projects that want that linen look.
      B1 Fire Rated, Semi-opaque blockout coating.

      Measuring & Designs

      Take you time to measure what you would like to cover, it's better to go slightly larger than underestimate and leave yourself short - no one likes to see edges or gaps.

      All of our designs come in 64cm x 128cm lengths, this is deliberate to make them easy to handle and to keep the postage costs as low as possible.
      For longer lengths just order the number of pieces required for example if you require 2m (200cm) - order 2 x 64cm x 128cm prints.


      We strongly recommend that you order a sample for piece of mind before placing a full order. Colours on computer screens and mobile devices can differ from what is printed. With a sample you can be sure the colours are to your liking and fit perfectly with what you are trying to achieve. Our vinyl prints are printed just for you, unfortunately we are unable to accept returns if you do not like the colour.

      We want you to be happy! So as a bonus for taking the time to order a vinyl sample we will enclose a one off code that can be redeemed against your full order reimbursing you for the original sample.



      Ensure it is cut to the correct size, use the back to mark out your design and cut using a pair of sharp scissors or heavy duty scalpel.

      Make sure it is dry, clean and free from debris. Vinyl does not adhere well to damp or moist surfaces (eg. just painted) it is better to wait until the surface is completely dry.

      Don't stress it! Our standard vinyl is easy to lift and reapply.
      Peel off a tiny amount along one edge, then use the sticky edge to line up and position accordingly, slowly peel back more of the backing and using a squeegee or other flat tool* gently smooth out the vinyl to remove bubbles, carry on in this way until the vinyl has been applied, if required, tidy up by trimming the edges.

      * Please make sure any tool used has a smooth edge to avoid scratching the surface of the vinyl - rubber squeegees are best.



      It's really simple, just pick up one of the corners and slowly pull back, but please keep in mind that like all things with an adhesive backing if you remove too quickly, especially from walls or painted surfaces these will lift off - so go nice and slow. 

      It is inevitable that some adhesive residue will remain on the surface, wiping with a warm damp sponge (maybe a little soap) should do the trick.

      The above only applies to the Smooth Removable and Matt Linen Effect. The Smooth Permanent has a much stronger adhesive and will require careful removal with a scraper and a little heat.


      A few more reasons to choose our vinyl ... 

      - Exceptional image quality
      - Huge range of designs available which are constantly updated
      - Easy to apply
      - Easily cut with sharp scissors or scalpel
      - Quick and easy to install

      Great Customer Service
      - Fast & Free delivery*
      - Great feedback / customer service
      - Personal / Commercial bespoke projects taken
      We also have the facility to take your own design, photo or company logo and produce your very own, truly unique vinyl!
      *Delivery free on all orders over £15.